GAC Group participated in the North American International Auto Show in 2013 & 2015, exhibiting the latest products and strength of R&D of GAC MOTOR. By participating in international high-end auto shows with the world-class brands, we aim to present the international standard of China’s automobiles, and to promote the international competitiveness of GAC. Meanwhile, we hope we can re-feed the Chinese market by virtue of the comments of international authoritative media and shape a high-end international brand image of GAC MOTOR.

  1. GS7
    Prospective Unique Stylish
  2. EnSpirit
    A Sedan for the Elites of New Era
  3. GE3
    Prospective Unique Stylish


Global Debut of GS7 by GAC as the First Chinese Auto Enterprise in the Main Show Floor of NAIAS

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) kicked offon January 9, 2017at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. It will be thethird timefor Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., LTD.(GAC) to take part in the NAIAS and GAC will be the first Chinese auto enterprise to enter the main show floor of NAIAS in its 110-year history. GAC will host the global debut of its plug-in hybrid electric concept vehicle, the EnSpirit, a robust 5-seat SUV GS7 and a pure electric newenergy SUV GE3. 
Also displayed is the elite sedan GA8 and the worldleading newenergy power assembly G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling)gear box+1.5ATK engine. In the meantime, GAC will announce that the GAC North American R&D Center will be established in 2017. The group will display all of its innovative achievements in R&D, design and manufacturingas it focuses on becoming a world-class auto enterprise. 
Distinguished guests including Rod Alberts, executive chairman of NAIAS organizing committee, FengXingya, presidentof GAC , Zhang Qingsong, vice-presidentof GAC, Wang Qiujing, president of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, Yu Jun, general manager of GAC Motor and Zhang Fan, vice-president of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute will betaking part in the GAC Group press conference at NAIAS . 

Global Debut of GS7 by GAC as an Innovation for the Future
As one of the top five auto shows in the world, the annual NAIAS has become a stage for global auto enterprises to display new vehicle models and new technologies to provide a forward-thinking perspective on the future of the auto industry. At this year’s auto show, GAC is showcasing four vehicle models to display their innovations in each fieldwith different positioning and perspectives, delivering on its theme of “Innovation for the Future.” At this year’s NAIAS, GAC will bring forth a lineup that is stronger than ever in terms of exhibition area and exhibited vehicles. 
GAC Motor, GAC’s autonomous brand, will host the global debut of the robust 5-seat SUV GS7 as the main highlight of the auto show. Built based on the C-level platform under GAC’s independent R&D division, GS7 has inherited the leading-edge design elements, comfortable expansive space, strong powered operation and smart technological configuration of GAC to cater to the needs of mainstream global automobile consumers. In order to fully meet the diversified needs of consumers for mid-level and high-end SUVs, the GS7 joins the “flagship luxury 7-seat SUV” GS8 in forming a high-end SUV product matrix.
As the first flagship, high-end vehicle from GAC to be displayed at the auto show, the GA8 was launched after five years of R&D by GAC and is considered one of the highest benchmarks for products “Made in China.” GAC will launch the GS8 and the GA8 in the international market this year to provide more choices to global consumers. 

Launch of the GE3 and the EnSpirit to Meet the Trend of New Energy and Smart Connectivity
Incorporating new energy and smart connectivity has become the trend in vehicle development. The globaldebuts of the pure electric new energy SUV GE3 and the plug-in hybrid electric concept vehicle EnSpirit illustrates the vision GAC has to develop vehicles along the lines of market trends. 
The GE3 is the first electric vehicle built based on GAC’s new energy platform and is a flagship product for GAC as it looks to implement its strategy for the development of new-energy automobiles. The GE3 delivers the eco-friendliness and efficiency of newenergy vehicles through the simple “low-poly” (low-polygon) design language with perfectly integrated modeling features of “flying dynamics.” The driving system is composed of a high integration power electronic control unit and a set of permanent magnet synchronous motors with a peak torque output that reaches 290Nm. The maximum power is 120kW(163 PS) and the acceleration from 0-100 km/hr (0-60 mph) is 9.3 seconds. 
The GE3 is supported by both DC fast charging and AC trickle charging. The electric storage capacity can reach 80 percent under fast charging within half of an hour, and can be fully charged in 8 hours. The maximum endurance mileage of the vehicle is greater than 310 km, which can greatly reduce range anxiety while on the road.
As the latest innovative result in smart interconnection newenergy auto field, EnSpirit is carried with 1.5L Atkinson circulation motor and G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling) advanced electromechanical coupling system. Its modeling has integrated sport sedans, SUVs and convertibles, with fastback car roof and collapsible soft-top roadster, which has endowed rich power and cool vitality for the new energy vehicles, and 900mm crosswise widescreen meets the needs of young consumers towards modern vehicles. EnSpiritdemonstrates the innovative thinking on future mobility, which will be followed and applied in follow-up production of vehicles. 

Establishment of North American R&D Center to Accelerate Its Internationalization Process
As one of the countries with the most developed auto industry worldwide, the United States has the most important innovation genes and resources under the scope of deep reformswithin the global auto industry. GAC’s North American R&D Center has been under activepreparation and will be established in the first half of the year, taking on the responsibilitiesfor talent recruitmentand research to develop cutting-edge technology research. 
In early 2016, GAC commenced overseas strategic planning which will ultimately realize a breakthrough in autonomousbrands in the main global auto market through global resource integration. During its participation at the North American Auto Show, Dubai Auto Show and other large-scale international auto grand exhibitions, GAC has garnered much attention from the international authoritative media and wascrowned as the “Best Chinese Car Brands.” At the same time, the autonomous brandof GAC has steadily expanded into the overseas market, with sales and service channels and a marketing network laid out in 14 countries including Kuwait, Chile, etc. The mid- and high-end brand image has enjoyed popular support and become “one of the best Chinese Brands” honored by local consumers. 
GAC will gradually build its global R&D system, global purchase & supply chain system and global production system as well as overseas marketing & service system through full integration of global resources, so as to finally form complete global industry chains. The overseas sales will account for 5-10 percent of the entire sales of autonomous brands in GAC as planned for 2020. The establishment of GAC’s North American R&D Center is not only the first step for GAC to enter the North American market, but also a new milestone along GAC’s course of internationalization.

Be Innovative to Promote the Brand Development of GAC
GAC is taking part in the NAIAS for the third time in 2017 and it’s also the first Chinese auto enterprise to enter the main exhibition hall of NAIAS in its 110-year history.As one of major auto groups in China, GAC has achieved sales volume of 1.65 million vehicles in 2016 at a growth rate of around27% percent as a record high. GAC is more than 10 percent higher than average in the Chinese auto industry in terms of sales volume. As of 2016, GAC has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 for four consecutive years, taking the 303rdranking in 2016 and rising 59 spots as compared to year 2015. The fast and stable development of GAC is a microcosm of the rapid expansion of Chinese auto enterprises in the global industrial pattern. 
GAC Motor, the autonomous brand of GAC,reached the sales volume of 370,000vehicles in 2016, over 90 percent up on a year-on-year basis. This represents rapid development at a compound growth rate of over 85 percent, which has made it one of the Chinese auto brands with the best brand value and market sales volume. In the IQS by J.D. Power Asia-pacific Company, GAC Motor has taken first place for four years in a row, and the quality performance can compare favorably with first-class international brands. 
The year 2017 is a “brand upgrading year” for GAC; and GAC will unveil its brand strategic plans. By promoting many brand upgrade measures, GAC will comprehensively promote core competitiveness and strive to become a famous brand in the auto industry in China as well as an international auto group brand with global influence and strong sense of social responsibility. 

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